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About Us

      We are a new school in Northern Ireland, founded with the goal of providing young children ages 3 to 6 a comprehensive Montessori education.  Dr. Maria Montessori was a Nobel prize winning physician, researcher and educator, who dedicated her life to developing the materials and method that bear her name. We are dedicated to following that method, thus following each child's abilities and interests, to give them the best possible start in education and life.


"The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn."

Dr. Montessori 

Mission statement

We have a simple mission, to follow the child in their interests and abilities in order to provide them with the best education possible, to assist them in creating themselves as individuals and to prepare them to seek the joys and face the challenges of life.

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Values statement

We strive for a learning environment that is free of ideological, political or religious affiliations.  Our approach to early years education is grounded in the Montessori method and sound pedagogy rather than social trends.

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