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Mixed Age Classrooms

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Dr. Montessori realized the value of having a three year age range in classrooms.

On a personal note, I worked in Montessori classrooms for over a decade then, for breadth of experience, tried working at an early years center where all children in the room were the same age and I assure you there is no comparison. When every child in the room is at more or less the same knowledge, skill and developmental level, there are no role models, no higher level lessons or activities happening to observe and give them something to aspire to, no significant peer help with activities or dressing for outdoor recess or for behavior.

In a Montessori Casa classroom, there are all of these things, and it is not just the youngest that benefit by seeing what's possible and having peer assistance. The older children get to experience what it feels like to assist others instead of needing assistance, which builds confidence. They learn compassion for others, to be a role model, they get to reinforce their own knowledge by sharing it with younger children, to be looked up to, to be a leader.

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