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The teacher / directress / guide

I tell people, when they ask what I do, that I am a Montessori teacher. That word teacher, however, is not accurate when it is thought of in the same way as a teacher in a state funded school. Maria Montessori clearly defined the role of the Montessori teacher as an observer, and a guide.

We observe what the children are interested in, what they need, what their current abilities are, how they learn and a multitude of other things about them. Then we prepare the environment to meet those interests and needs, and simply guide them through the the steps to learn new concepts and skills.

Montessori teachers are never at the front of a classroom, with all the children sitting down. We are constantly attending to individual and small groups of children, observing and presenting new lessons. We know that the children know what they need and we are there to assist.

Linked below is a short but wonderful outline of the differences between a state funded school teacher and a Montessori teacher.

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